Keshia Watson is a British actress from London. She moved to London as a teenager and is originally from Bristol. 


Her career really kicked off after a short film "Trippy" was selected for the BFM International Film Festival, she was nominated Best Actress for her performance as "Stella" a young homeless girl suffering from the effects of mis-prescribed medication and the film was nominated across all categories in the festival. The film also screened at Cannes, Portobello Film Festival and Edinburgh Film Festival, 


She was able to follow this up with further leading roles in "Jerusalem" which was officially selected for the Pan African Film Festival in 2010 and award - winning short "Big Mistake" directed by Dan Turner. 


Keshia currently plays Kelly in Nicholas Beveney's political thriller "Kingmakers".

Which premiered in London in May 2015, receiving seven NAFCA nominations, notably in the categories of Best Drama and Best Director. Set in the ficitional African country, Karombe, she plays a member of the British based Freedom Rights Movement. 


Her stage work includes Agamemnon (Lion & Unicorn) Antigone (Southwark Playhouse) Farewell Sister (New Diorama Theatre) Testament To A Trade (Oxford Playhouse) and new play Femmetamophosis which debuted at the Leicester Square Theatre Studo and later went onto a full run at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.